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Bon Odori 2010 part 2

Well, guys here are more from Bon Odori.

There will be more coming up. Stay tuned in.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bon Odori 2010 part 1

Well, it's been years since I last attended Bon Odori. I can't even remember how was it back then when I was a toddler. May be I should standby a basic telephoto zoom lens for these events. It's very to reach further objects with just 70mm. Well, here are some photos I got.

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned in for more on Bon Odori!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Live report!!

Live report from Jalan Teknokrat 5 of Cyberjaya, Malaysia. 20 years of safe life, It was the 1st time i felt so shocked. I witnessed an accident just 10 meters away from me. A blue Kancil with a Waja Taxi. I would say both didn't care to avoid the accident as I don't see any brake lights lightened up before collision. Me in my friend's car was just behind the Kancil.
The Kancil was heading out from a cross junction without checking vehicles on the move from other directions. There was a Waja taxi moving towards the junction from the left. Within seconds, the Waja taxi crashed right into the Kancil on its left. I manage to get some shots in my shocked state.

Well, the thing I'm concern of is the emergency response team was so "great" that they need more than 15 minutes to reach the accident location when their own location is less than 5km away. Well, looks like this post isn't much of photography though. Anyway, comments are always welcomed.

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Vote for me!!

Hi all, just asking for some favour. If you like the photo below or the photo below is appealing enough, please visit and send it to your friends via the the link. Thanks, people.

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